Family Album Presentation

We ask interns to prepare a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation containing eight slides to contribute to our Galilee Family Album. We will be using these slides early in the program as a way to introduce the interns to one another. We will be presenting these to the entire program, so please select your images carefully. Also, please use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Here is what we ask interns to present:

Powerpoint Contents:

Your photograph, head and shoulders. Place your name and where you presently reside below the photo.

A photograph that communicates something significant about where you live. If you live in rural Iowa, show us some cornfields. If you live in a big city, show us your block or apartment house. If you live in Hawaii, show us the beach. (Go ahead. Rub it in.) State the location below the picture.

A photograph of your immediate family. Include as many or as few members as you choose. State your family name and where your family has its roots.

A photograph that communicates what you do. If you are a student, show us you at school or in the library. If you work for a living, show us you at work or in front of your company’s logo. If you are looking for a job, a picture of you searching the classified ads or standing in the unemployment line would be good. However you spend your days, capture it in an image.

Show us something that you like to do that says something about you. Make it memorable: a hobby, a vacation, an achievement, your room, or just you being you.

Provide a photo that will help us to visualize the Christians with whom you fellowship on the Lord’s Day. A group photograph, a recent event, or the building where you meet with you standing in front of it will work nicely. State the name and location of your church.

Show us a picture that will help us understand something about your ministry for the Lord. Describe it below the photo.

Select a picture that makes you think about God and match it to a verse that is important to you. Alternately, you can state your favorite verse and find a picture that communicates it. Either way is fine. State the verse below the image.

In order for the photo album to come together smoothly, we would like everyone to use the same format. You can download the sample slides above as either a Keynote file or as a PowerPoint file. If you don’t know how to use either Keynote (an Apple product) or PowerPoint (a Microsoft product), this is a good time to learn. If you are absolutely hopeless with computers, just bring your photos with you and we will assemble them for you when you arrive. Substitute your photos and information in the sample file and re-save the file, naming it after yourself. You can change the background color of the template slide if you wish, but try to match the rest of the formatting so that each of our contributions to the album look similar. Contribute only photographs that are not copyrighted and can be distributed to others via our website. If you are able, please reduce the size of the images so that the album, when assembled, isn’t 500 gigabytes in size.