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Meet the Staff

Principle Staff

The Galilee Program is organized and directed by Brady Collier, Jim McCarthy and Steve Price.

Brady Collier

Brady and Becky Collier have been actively working with college and career-aged young adults since they were married in 2000 and were commended to the Lord’s work in 2009 by South Plains Bible Chapel in Lubbock, Texas. They have a passion for seeing young people grow close to the Lord and coming to know Him personally. On the heels of ten years of discipling and encouraging younger believers in the US, and after graduating from the DITP, in 2012 they followed the Lord’s leading to a teaching, preaching, and encouraging ministry amongst the Christians in Honduras. Now, having returned to the United States, they are excited about hosting young adult conferences and one-on-one discipleship both in the U.S. and abroad. The Colliers look forward to meeting and enjoying fellowship with you, as we have fellowship in HIM.

Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is a Bible teacher and the author of more than ten books and courses on Christian faith, including Steps to Bible Knowledge, Questions About This Life and the Next, and The Gospel According to Rome. Jim has extensive conference and classroom teaching experience, including 15 sessions as an instructor in the Discipleship Intern Training Program, a nine-month intensive course of studies for men preparing for ministry. Jim is currently working on an adult curriculum that when completed will include studies on each of the books of the Bible.

Steve Price

Hello everyone! I am Steve Price and live in Kansas City. My wife and I have been married for nearly 30 years and we reside in Kansas City. We have nine children and one grandson. Our oldest two are married and living on their own, but we have filled their dinner places with my recently widowed father-in-law and a nephew. Our home is always full of vigorous activity. We have the privilege of serving in our local church. My wife currently is able to stay at home as the responsibilities are great there. I serve as one of several elders and have some opportunity to publicly minister, participate in medical missions, and write concerning the Word of God. Secularly, I currently serve as Director of the Liberty Hospital Emergency Department (Liberty, MO). I have been in the practice of Emergency Medicine since 1991 and also serve as president of our ER Corporation. I have few hobbies as most of my time is spent with our family or dating my wife. I do enjoy photography and usually use my amateur skills photographing my athletic children. Our goal is to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. We desire our children to do the same. Our home philosophy is: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24.15).

Visiting Speakers

Nate Bramsen

Nate Bramsen was born and raised in Senegal, West Africa. At the age of 16, he saw the need to invest his life into the abused, neglected, and abandoned children of this world for both the sake of time and eternity. After graduating from North Greenville University with a degree in Business and Broadcasting, he headed to the Middle East to begin pioneer work among this demographic of children. In December of 2006, he founded ROCK International. (an acronym for Relief, Opportunity, and Care for Kids) ROCK is a non-profit organization seeking to be the “lap of Jesus” (as demonstrated in Mark 9:36-37) for children trapped in situations of crisis. Now, he oversees various international projects, youth discipleship ministries, and carries out a limited itinerant speaking schedule.

David Reeve

David and Betsy Reeve were married in 1991 in Southern California. David worked as an Agricultural Biologist for nine years, while he and Betsy helped start a Spanish-speaking ministry at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in San Leandro, California. In 2000, Fairhaven Bible Chapel commended them to the work of the Lord in Central America where they spent nine years helping with a church plant in Esteli, Nicaragua. David also served as an instructor for Modulos Biblicos. While in Esteli, David and Betsy hosted three mission schools with the vision of seeing Central Americans sent out to help reach unreached people groups. Eventually, they felt called to lead by example in this effort and went to Central Asia in 2009. They have been there for five years, teaching English and discipling young people.

Grant Ferrer

Grant Ferrer graduated from the DITP in 1979-80 at Fairhaven Bible Chapel. He met Kandy in 1979 when they were both with Operation Mobilization and were subsequently married. Grant and Kandy have four children and two grandchildren. In 1982, Fairhaven Bible Chapel commended them to the Lord’s work in Spain where they worked in church planting, evangelism and discipleship for 9 years. In 1992, they moved to Honduras and continued in church planting, evangelism and discipleship for 15 years. Then the Lord led them to Managua, Nicaragua for eight years where God allowed them to start another church. Grant was also involved in Modulos Biblicos, a discipleship program started in 1997, which has now trained over 100 graduates who serve as elders and workers in 4 different countries of Central America. In August 2013, Grant and Kandy moved back to Spain where they continue to be involved in evangelism and discipleship training with Spanish elders. They hope to see small churches started in Spain where only four tenths of one percent of the population are Christians.

Additional teachers will be presenting inspiring messages from around the world via Skype. Examples from last year’s program include Scott DeGroff and Paul Bramsen.

Administration Staff

Matthew Lee

Matthew and Emily Lee were married in 2008 after serving the Lord individually in their single lives. Matthew has been dedicated to teaching ministry in local assemblies while living in Virginia and Texas. Emily has a hospitality ministry, serving single and married women in the assembly. Together they have been involved with career-aged Bible Studies for both single and married couples. Through Galilee, they desire to see a generation of young believers challenged to have single eyes, following the Lord and fulfilling the great commission in making disciples as Christ followers.

Becky Collier | Emily Lee | Faith LeBlanc | Jessica Abraham | Priyanka Mathews

Becky Collier and Emily Lee each have extensive experience in discipling women, serving Christ alongside their husbands, and working within the local church. They will serve in the Galilee Program mentoring and training women in ministry to other women. Faith LeBlanc, Jessica Abraham, and Priyanka Mathews have served multiple years as Intern Staff to help with the women’s ministry portion of the program and with administrative support. They are an immense asset to the program.

Intern Staff

Every year, a few Phase 1 graduates are invited back to serve as Intern Staff. This role is ever changing as it is a great opportunity for certain individuals to put into practice what they learned in previous years.

Participating Assemblies

Hosting Assembly

Southside Bible Chapel

4256 W. Congress Street

Lafayette, Louisiana 70506



We are grateful to the saints at Southside Bible Chapel, who have graciously thrown open the doors to their facility and welcomed the instructors and students of the Galilee Program. Our liaison is Mr. Tom Reeder.

Southside Bible Chapel meets in what was once a racquetball club. It is a 14,000 square foot building located on two acres of land. The facility has been reconstructed to serve as a meeting place for the church and a shelter with two dormitories for evacuees from hurricanes. The building has a dining facility that can seat a hundred people and recreational facilities that include two racquetball courts, a half-court basketball gymnasium, two tennis courts, a swimming pool, a small weight room, and men and women’s locker rooms.

Supporting Assemblies

FreeWay Bible Chapel –https://www.freewaybible.com/

Grace Bible Chapel – http://grace.biblechapel.net