What is Galilee?

The Galilee Program is a seminar-style, discipleship-based course of biblical studies and practical instruction. It is designed for Christians, aged 20 to 35, who are committed to Christ, His service, and their local church. Its purpose is help raise up of the next generation of disciples and leaders. The emphasis is on inductive Bible study and how to minister to others through discipleship, pastoral care, and evangelism. Galilee is an immersive experience. Together with teachers, disciplers, staff, and students, about 50 participants in total, they study, train, pray, and worship together. They then go out to proclaim Christ.

Participants who complete the first phase of training are invited to apply for the Galilee Program, Phase 2. It is a course of instruction that is similar to Phase 1, but is on a five-year cycle in which students work through a more extensive curriculum. 

Galilee 2019

Phase 1: June 23rd - July 12th

Phase 2: Will not be offered at this time

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